All Good Things New Movie Review


All Good Things is one of those films which leave you in an inexplicable state. They evoke an overwhelming blend of emotions in you that cannot quite be described. But you prefer to silently float in the sea of these feelings. It is another brilliant on-screen depiction of life as it is, good yes, beautiful definitely, but a lot deeper than that. The complex human emotions are a thing of marvel and seem as impossible to decipher as improbable it is to touch the end of infinity.

The film is inspired by the controversial life of Robert Durst. Director Andrew Jarecki, of ‘Capturing the Friedmans’ fame, knows how to handle a complex story like this. Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, both give remarkable performances.

We have Sanford Marks (Frank Langella) as the head of the rich and successful Marks family. He is wishing for his son to follow into his own footsteps and look after the family business. David (Ryan Gosling) on the other hand wants nothing to do with his father’s fortune or family empire for that matter. He is rather happy with his beloved sweetheart Katie (Kirsten Dunst). David is more of a broadminded pleasant thinker. She is young, beautiful and immediately falls for him. They both leave New York and take shelter in a little sweet haven. They open an Organic Food Shop which is incidentally named All Good Things. You are totally immersed into the film by now even as the two young things are leading a good life. You pray for their happiness and wish you could lead a similar life (While I smiled for I had a good new movie review to write).

It is just then that the dark clouds start to loom overhead and you know that slowly but surely a great tragedy beckons. David’s father manages to coax him into coming back to Manhattan and with the family. David takes Katie along…

Mentioning the turn of events that take place after this in the new movie review would be a disappointing spoiler. A viewing of this film is rather highly recommended. Not every new movie review is so contently and positively written now days. Not all things that make it to the weekend theaters are as good as this one.


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