Following in the Footsteps of the Celebrities


Famous models may influence on what we wear, but famous celebrities have more of a weight on what we choose. Actors and singers as they walk along the red carpet at a movie premiere or awards ceremony, or head off to a magnificent swanky celeb party or even stroll down the street doing something as mundane as pushing a stroller have quickly become the style mavens. Watching them, we often glean an idea of what is in style, what we should have, or wear, or strive for.

No matter what the season, a staple and downright favorite is a scarf. Many of the most noted female icons do not go without one and, of course, they appear only in the best. These tend to be of the most fabulous and opulent fabric of all times – silk. From the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood to the latest greats and near greats, what they have created with these gorgeous and beautifully designed scarves, the innovative ways they apply them continue to inspire us.

Female celebrities have been in the forefront showing us the incredible versatility of such sheer accessories. While many women tend to purchase and wear them for those special occasions, celebrities have sported them with an “anytime-anyplace” attitude. They wear them casually and for those formal events. In doing so, they have shown clearly how silk scarves work equally well with elegant eveningwear and scruffy jeans.

That is not the only lesson they depart. These women show us how timeless a silk scarf. Never do they fall out of fashion like many accessories have done and continue to do. The silk scarf is not, as many have come to imagine, something for little old ladies – ancient grandmothers and ageing aunts. Some quite young celebrities not only wear them, but also use them to make a certain stylistic statement.

Top designers have created a line of silk scarves. These find their way onto the necks and around the heads of some celebrities. Yet, those who actually recognize quality and individuality, avoid these. You may find it distasteful or awkward to wear something someone else is wearing; celebrities absolutely cringe at the mere thought of doing so. It is the ultimate fashion faux pas. Exclusivity of fashion, like so much else in their lives, is essential.

Individuality is linked closely to quality. Many of our favorite celebrities look for this in their silk scarves and other accessories. As a result, they opt for only the finest – scarves comprised of 100% pure silk, created by ingenious craftspeople. Only such fabric indicates quality of product and design – characteristics integral to being among the rich and famous.


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