Movie Reviews Bart Got a Room


Movie Reviews this week looks at the comedy Bart Got a Room.

This is a lovely comedy the whole family will enjoy, it tells the story of a typical teenager, Danny Stein played by Steven Kaplan (a young Patrick Dempsey look-alike) preparing for his prom night, except he hasn’t found a date to go to the prom with. However there is a good friend Camille, played by the lovely Alia Shawkat, who he has known all his life, they get on well, and even do school projects together, as her sister says “he is practically a brother”. His entire family and her family think that they should go to the prom together, but as most teenage boys he is looking for something a little outside his immediate surroundings, notably a very pretty girl, Alice played by Ashley Benson, strangely enough he wants to ask her out to the prom even though he suspects she isn’t really interested in him, and even contemplates taking Camille’s sister to the prom, Gerties(played by the very pretty Katie McClellan) as opposed to Camille herself.

Camille even sends him a letter asking him to take her to the prom, which he lets her down gently by saying he has eyes for someone else.

Matters come to desperation point, when the local geek (complete with large double-rimmed-glasses) not only has a date for the prom, but a room, hence the title of the movie, much to the shock and amazement Bart’s family, his mother played by the lovely Cheryl Hines (Robin William’s wife in RV) and his divorced dad, complete with a nice looking perm, played by the dependable William H. Macy (Boogie Nights). His dad is trying to find a date for himself, there is a funny scene where he takes his date to a restaurant along with Danny still asking for advice on if the girl of his dreams should be asked to the prom; based on his father’s good natured meaning, but awkward in the current circumstances, his date makes an excuse that her toddler needs the bathroom, and is seen on camera speeding off, while the two are discussing the issue of Danny’s potential prom date.

Mixed with his desire to have his parents reconciled, even though Danny’s mother now has a new man in her life, who is nice, and seemingly competing with Danny’s father for his affections. His dad however is determined not to be upstaged, and is equally trying to make the prom something to remember for his son.


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